Dimanche 4 novembre 2018

Messe annuelle en souvenir des 5 équipages du Groupe Guyenne, abattus par la chasse allemande dans la nuit du 4/5 novembre 1944, il y a 74 ans.

Objectif: BOCHUM

Equipage du Capitaine BERAUD. Equipage du Lieutenant DABADIE. Equipage du Capitaine BARON. Equipage du Lieutenant VLES. Equipage du Lieutenant HYENNE.


The 4th of November - a Tragic Date For the French Elvington Squadrons - Yorkshire Air Museum

For many people living in Great Britain, the 5th of November is a date of spectacular bonfire and firework displays as we remember the Guy Fawkes plot to assassinate King James 1 in 1605. However, for The Allied Air Forces Memorial here at Elvington, the evening of the 4th of November is one we recall [...]


 (Source: Ian REED)